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From adaptive communication environment towards personal educational sphere

V.A. Starodubtsev, A.A. Kiselyova
80,00 Р


Vyacheslav A. Starodubtsev,

doct. ped. sci., professor of engineering char in

National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University.

Member of International Engineering Educator ING-PAED IPIG.


Antonina A. Kiseleva,

senior instructor in Novokuznetsk Advanced Training Institute.



From position of raising effectiveness of using ICT in education, shown is the necessity of transition from nowadays existing communication environment, personalized by services of brauzers, research and other services of Internet, towards souvereign educational environment and it’s inclusion in personal educational sphere of lecturer (student).

Key words: personalization of system of education, personalized communication environment, personal educational sphere.



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