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Institutionalized scientific activity: history and modernity

T.Yu. Pavelyeva, E.N. Sosyenushkin, Yu.Ya. Eleneva
80,00 Р


Pavelieva Tatyana Yurevna

The doctor of Philosophy, manager of chair, department «Philosophy», «Moscow State University of Technology «STANKIN».



Sosenushkin Evgeny Nikolaevich

The doctor of Engineering, professor, department ««Systems of plastic deformation» «Moscow State University of Technology «STANKIN».



Eleneva Julia Yakovlevna

The doctor of Economics, manager of chair, epartment «Financial Management» «Moscow State University of Technology «STANKIN».


Presented is a study of principal stages of the process of institutionalization of science. Elaborated are fundamental regularities of the named process.

Key words: social institutionalization, organization of scientific activity, scientific association. 


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