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Language representation of medicine in higher education

A.B. Petukhov, V.F. Novodranova, Yu.N. Lyaschtschenko
80,00 ₽


A.B. Petukhov,
D. M. N., Assoc. Department of propaedeutics of internal diseases

V.F. Novodranova,
D. the topic of degree work. N., Professor, head of the Department of Latin language,
chief 74 Russian Academy of medical Sciences (RAS)

YU.N. Lyaschenko,
D. M. N., Prof. of Department of propaedeutics of internal diseases

Moscow medical stomatological University. A. I. Evdokimov

Presented is logic lingua analysis of meanings of science of nutrition. Also examined is the system of semantic relations, practically significant for medical terminology based on scientific terminological word-formation in medicine and science of nutrition.

Key words: language of science, problem of cognition, science of nutrition, nutritology, trophica, nutrients, ingredients, substrate



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