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Psychological education as a source of safety of both education and life

M.I. Rozenova, S.V. Zhuchkova
80,00 Р


Rozenova Marina Ivanovna

Doctor of psychological sciences, professor of chair of the general and practical psychology of

Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Himanities,

Professor of chair of social psychology of the

Moscow state regional university


Zhuchkova Svetlana Evgenyevna

candidate of psychological sciences, associate professor of social psychology of the

Moscow state regional university



Presented is an analysis of psychological education as vital and superactual problem in modern Russia. Actualized is the problem of both adequacy and scientific validity of psychological information in mass-media and educational space. Also examined are such items, as subject, forms and content of psychological education, as well as opportunities, forms and means of raising the level of psychological competence are elaborated.

Key words: psychological education, health, information, adequacy, scientificy, substantiaticy, competency, education, youth, society.



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