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Content and methods of training in graphic documentation by using of information technologies

G.F. Gorshkov, D.V. Golubev, O.I. Filatova
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George F. Gorshkov
PhD in Education Science
Assistant Professor,
Head of Engineering Graphics Department;
Moscow State Technical University of Radio Engineering,
Electronics and Automation
Moscow, Russia;


Denis V. Golubev,
Moscow State Technical University of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation;

Olga I. Filatova

Assistant, Engineering Graphics Department, 
Bauman Moscow State Technical University,

Moscow, Russia.



Analyzed are problems of content in the sphere of graphic documentation. Presented is a model of education, based on principles of systemology of engineering knowledge, being able to afford to use technologies of distant learning during training process in engineering graphics.

Key words: information technologies, engineering graphics, project method, distant learning system.



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