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Institutionalized aspects in organization of independent work under context of educational programs of new generation

Yu.N. Pak, I.O. Shilnilova, D.Yu. Pak
80,00 ₽


Pak Yuri Nikolayevich

Doc. of Eng., professor, head of a department

Shilnikova Irina Olegovna

senior methodologist of a department

Pak Dmitri Yuryevich

Cand. of Eng., associate professor of the geophysics chair

Karaganda State technical University


Analyzed are institutionalized aspects in organization of students’ independent work under context of both the Bologna process and educational programs of new generation. Accentuated is the role of a lecturer in the process of development of cognitive skills of students. Some recommendations are elaborated for raising effectiveness of self-educational activity under nowadays conditions.

Key words: independent work of students, the Bologna process, cognitive skills, self-educational activity, lecturer’s role, high school of Kazakhstan.



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