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System functions of propaedeutics and experience of it’s realization in educational standard, forestalled the World CDIO initiative

A.A. Dorofeev
80,00 Р


Anatoly A. Dorofeev,

Phd, professor of rocket engines department,

dean (1985-2013) of Space-rocket engineering faculty of

BMSTU named after Bauman



Based on example of program of the course of “General theory of rocket engines” in statute of N.E. Bauman’s MSTU, foreslalled in some aspects the World CDIO initiative, substantiated are system functions of propaedeutics, and also formulated and approbated are didactic principles of teaching with block-module structure of educational process with activity context.

Key words: World CDIO initiative, educational standard, propaedeutics, didactics, block-modul discipline, context.



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