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Innovative educational technologies in teaching process of communicative disciplines

L.V. Ukhova, E.V. Nikkareva
80,00 Р

 Ukhova Larisa Vladimirovna

Doctor of Philology, Associate Professor

FGBOU VPO Yaroslavl state pedagogical university named after K.D.Ushinsky,

Department of The Theory of Communication and Advertising


Nikkareva Elena Viktorovna

Department of Publishing, assistant

FGBOU VPO Yaroslavl state pedagogical university named after K.D. Ushinsky



Substantiated is the necessity of using of new educational technologies in the process of teaching of communicative disciplines. As fundamental educational technology, presented is method of case-study, allowing to display with maximum completeness competence level of bachelors in communicative directions. Also presented are classification of cases, their content filling, as well as elaborated are conditions and peculiarities of their using. Examined is technology for working out of cases. Shown is methodology of using of case-study during organization of business games.

Key words: competences, innovative educational technologies, interactive forms, business game, case-method.



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