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Conditions for effective management of the system of professional training of future teacher at pedagogical high school

V.I. Teslenko, T.A. Zaleznaya
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V.I. Teslenko
Doctor of Education, Professor,
Head of Theory and Methodology of Physics Education department,
T.A. Zaleznaya
Candidate of pedagogical science, associate professor,
Head of Theory and Methodology of Physics Education department,
V.P. Astafiev Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University
Examined are both theoretical and practical aspects of organization process of the system of pedagogical control and diagnostics of training of future teacher. Also presented are the author’s technology and methodology for showing up of results of professional and methodological competences of students at pedagogical high school.
Key words: professional training, professional competences, professional skills, diagnostics, universal cultural disciplines, psychological and pedagogical disciplines, level of professional training, management of professional training.
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