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Project approach to formation of the system of innovative education during training of bachelors in direction of “Tourism”

L.K. Komarova, I.N. Fedeneva
80,00 Р


Lidiya K. Komarova
PhD, Associate professor  of department of International Business and Tourism
Siberian Transport University
Irina N. Fedeneva
Doctor of Sciences (biology), Professor of department of International Business and Tourism
Siberian Transport University
     Analyzed is the problem of modeling of the process of training of bachelors in tourism on the basis of conception of innovative education of “Triple spiral”. Presented is model of the system, allowing formation of needed complex of competences in the process of interaction of student with various elements of educational environment, as well as guaranteeing partnership of educational institution, state and business.
     Key words: model of training, innovative education, training of bachelors in tourism, competence approach.
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