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Mordovian state pedagogical institute on regional market of educational services

V.V. Kadakin, G.G. Zeinalov
80,00 ₽


Kadakin Vasily Vasilyevich

Rector, Candidate of the Pedagogical Sciences,

Associate professor

Mordovian State Pedagogical Institute, Saransk, Russia


Zeynalov Guseyn Gardash oglu

doctor of philosophy, Professor

Professor of the Department of philosophy

Mordovian State Pedagogical Institute named after M. E. Evseviev, Saransk, Russia


Substantiated are both role and meaning of the sphere of educational services as to modern stage of development of social life. Examined is influence of development of competition on the market of educational services both in Mordovia and Povolzhie regions. Presented are basic elements of the system of innovative policy as to management of competitiveness on the market of educational services.

Key words: market of educational services, educational service, competition among higher educational institutions, competitiveness. 


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