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Mechanisms for improvement of mathematical education in technical university

N.I. Sidnyaev, S.K. Sobolev
80,00 Р

N.I. Sidnyaev, is doct. of science (Technics), prof., E-mail:;

S.K. Sobolev, is cand. of sciences (Mathematics), doc., E-mail:

N.E. Bauman’s Moscow Higher Technical University 

Analyzed are organization and management of educational methodical process of lecturing in mathematics at sub-faculty “Higher mathematics” at N.E. Bauman’s Moscow State Technical University. Expounded are requirements for mastering mathematical training by students. Principles of learning basic disciplines of mathematics are also formulated. Mechanisms and approaches in the process of training in consistent and logically rigorous presentation of each and other material, as well as ability to formulate necessary and sufficient conditions for fairness of various claims are elaborated. Shown if logic of formulating of mathematical disciplines. Presented is analysis of transformation processes in national education system. Considerableattention is paid to methods of formation of modern outlook in the process of training of engineering cadres. Materials of the article represent system of views on basic principles, aims, tasks and principal directions of development of mathematical education, prepared in accordance with the order of RF’s government “Conception of development of mathematical education in Russian Federation”. The article may be useful for lecturers and methodologists, as well as be used by special departments of technical universities.

Key words: mathematics, education, discipline, modernization, plans, students, programs, methodology, education, department, reform. 


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