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Modern problems of independent science work in institution of higher education

B.R. Mandel
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B.R. Mandel is cand. of sciences (Pedagogy), professor

Novosibirsk humanitarian institute



Examined is such an important and controversial in scientific meaning issue, as attraction of students for independent scientific work in the process of education in high school. The author provides both retrospective historical view on the named problem and modern look at it, associating with the search for optimum way of solving of the problem. Also analyzed are both objective and subjective conditions of organization of scientific and research work in high school, as well as of independent scientific work of students. Shown are basic criteria for evaluation of students’ ability for scientific work and scientific researches. Determined are stimulus for students’ participation in scientific and research workings. Conclusion is made, that strengthening of the role of independent work of students means at the same time principal reorganization of the whole educational breeding and scientific research process in high school.

Key words: educational breeding process, independent work, scientific research, business communications, manufacturing, business.



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