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Independent work of students as process and it’s final result

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A.V.Perevozny is cand. of science (Pedagogy), doc.

M. Tank’s Belarusian State Pedagogical University



Described are selected on the basis of general psychological structure active components of students’ independent work, i.e. required motivational, purposeful, content informative, organizational and active, control regulative, and evaluative resulting, as well as psycho-pedagogical conditions of it’s effectiveness are enumerated. Determined are principles of organization of independent work, i.e. integrity, feedback, regulation, voluntary participation, and also described are functions of teacher during the process of independent work of students, i.e. motivating, advising, coordinating, controlling functions. As a result of independent work, considered are realization in unity the processes of accumulation of knowledge and skills with formation of students’ experience of creative work and world outlook. Conclusion is made, that active participation in independent work stimulates formation of one of important qualities of professional, i.e. quality of independence.

Key words: independent work of students, components, conditions of efficiency, principles of organization, results of independent work, teacher's functions.



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