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Essence and content of self-educating activity of students

K.A. Bessonov
80,00 Р

K.A. Bessonov is post-graduate student

at Saratov State Juridical Academy



Made is analysis of the term of “self-education” through the prism of historical and philosophical approaches. Put is the problem of self-educational activity. Examined is historical aspect of the problem. Presented is the system of self-education of student. Elaborated are essence and content sides of self-education. Exposed are stages of the process of self-education of students during training period in high school. Also revealed are basic characteristics of self-educational activity. The author makes a conclusion, that one may form an opinion about cyclical of the process of self-education, supposing that with passing through each subsequent cycle the need in getting of new quality knowledge would transform in personal principle, assisting not only raising of professional competence, but also all-embracing cultural development of personality.

Key words: educational process, self-education, independent work of students, stages of self-educational activity.



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