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On peculiarities of services of high schools and structural condi-tions, influencing on the process of formation of aims and tasks of high schools’ marketing on modern stage of Russian higher education

R.I. Serdyuk
80,00 ₽

R.I. Serdyuk is post-graduate student

Institute of sphere of servicing & business (branch)

by Don State University in the city of Shakhty



Examined are basic characteristics of high schools’ services from position of marketing, and also analyzed are structural conditions of the cycle of high schools’ activity on modern historical stage of Russian higher education. Given is definition of meaning apparatus of high schools’ marketing. Outlined is that development of marketing thinking must be realizing not in accelerated regime, but in accordance with peculiarities of high schools’ thinking and paradigm of social and economic development of the country. Conclusion is made, that tendencies in existence in development of the system of higher professional education of Russia, supporting by new educational legislation, little by little might to result in alteration in both content and aims’ purposefulness of internal processes of high school, and consequently in alteration of attitude to internal high schools’ marketing as basic component of the complex of marketing services of high school.

Key words: marketing of high school, services of high school, valuables, labor market, quality of education, competitiveness of high school.



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