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Comparative analysis of Russian and foreign professional standards of a pedagogue

V.G. Nesterenko , I.A. Makarova
80,00 ₽

V.G. Nesterenko is cand. of science (Pedagogy), doc.


I.A. Makarova is cand. of science (Pedagogy), doc.


Volgograd State Social Pedagogical University


Presented is comparative analysis of the project of “Professional standards of pedagogue” of Russia in comparison with professional standard of teacher in the Great Britain and professional standard of teacher in Australia. Noted is that Russian standard in it’s present-day appearance needs sound bettering, because of not all pedagogues may really be corresponding to it’s requirements. In opinion of the authors, new Russian standard must be strategically oriented toward elaboration of such conditions, under which each pedagogue might realize specific shortages in his activity with obtaining of accurate knowledge as to advanced experience, as well as opening for him opportunity to be interested in improving of professional activity and bettering of situation with professional career. The authors emphasized that though delusion is to consider introducing from abroad ideas as automatically initiating positive changes in pedagogue’s activity, nevertheless experience of Western countries needs to be reckoning be experts of new Russian standards. Thereby some suggestions into the project of “Professional standard of pedagogue” were introduced, considering the perspectives of bettering of it’s quality.

Key words: national educational policy, professional standard of pedagogue, professional career of pedagogue.



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