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Three-dimensional modeling as a tool for development of training multimedia resources for students at higher medical school

M.R. Vasilyeva, N.G. Shilina
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M.R. Vasilyeva is cand. of sciences (Biology), senior lecturer


N.G. Shilina is cand. of sciences (Pedagogy), doc.


Prof. V.F. Voyno-Yasenetsky’s Krasnoyarsk State Medical University 

Presented is detailed analysis in the problem of development of multimedia learning resources, particularly relevant for students of medical specialties. Multimedia resources are used for visualization of complex processes, occurring in living organisms. Important aspect of that work is to provide students with opportunity to create a self-learning resources in the form of 3D movies, virtual simulators using electronic textbooks. The authors analyzed experience of creation of multimedia educational resources by students and lecturers of the department of information technologies of Prof. V.F. Voino-Yasenetsky’s Krasnoyarsk State Medical University. The authors’ conclusion is that necessary is further work in creation of such resources along with evaluation of their quality, aimed at active introduction of them into educational process.

Key words: modeling, 3D-graphics, electronic textbook. 


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