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Humanitarian methodology of higher education in the field of artistic culture and media communucations

I.L. Goldman
80,00 Р

I.L. Goldman is cand. of art criticism, doc.

Peter the Great’s Sankt-Petersburg Polytechnic University



Examined are actual methodological problems of higher education in the sphere of artistic culture and media communications. Revealed are important theoretical and practical aspects of educational activity in examining sphere, where the process of formation and development of modern integrative humanities’ knowledge is actively developing. Identified are advantages of evaluation of corresponding issues by art critics as interdisciplinary professional scholars, who consistently and systematically explore the problem of integration of art culture and education in the epoch of mediocrity. The author’s conclusion is made, that new educational guiding lines in the epoch of mediocrity, along with specific of training students, specializing in creative professions at both profile and non-profile high schools, expect from pedagogue possessing of professional methodology of humanitarian artistic, art critical and communicative character.

Key words: humanitarian knowledge, institutionalization, humanities, humanitarian methodology, media sphere, media education, media communication, media text.



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