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Social-psychological training as a tool for adaptation of first-year students

O.I. Krushenitskaya, A.N. Tret’yakova
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O.I. Krushelnitskaya is cand. of science (Psychology)


A.N. Tret’yakova is cand. of science (Psychology)


Yu.A. Senkevich’s Moscow state institute of tourism industry (MSIIT)


Presented is the author’s examination of the problem of adaptation of first-year students in educational environment of modern university. Described is concrete experience of conducting adaptive socio-psychological trainings with first-year students at MSIIT. Analyzed is the role of training in successful adaptation in educational environment of MGIIT’s first-year students. Shown are results of questionnaire of students, appreciated benefits of adaptation training a year later after it’s putting into effect. Substantiated is effectiveness of that kind of educational activity with first-year students as to their adaptation. Conclusion is made, that trainings exert essential positive influence upon socio-psychological adaptation of students in educational institution, as well as assist lowering level of stress in first-year students and raising of effectiveness of educational process as a whole.

Key words: socio-psychological training, adaptation of first-year students, psychological climate, group cohesion.



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