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The quality assurance system of higher education institutions: use of tests in special disciplines

Veronika P. Monakhova, Anastasia M. Erikova, M.O. Ermakova
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UDC 378:005.6
DOI 10.20339/AM.07-24.023

Veronika P. Monakhova[1], PhD in Engineering, Docent, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), e-mail:

Anastasia M. Erikova, Senior lecturer, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)

Maria O. Ermakova, Senior lecturer, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)


[1] Hereinafter Corresponding author


This article is devoted to the analysis of the use of tests in special disciplines as a tool for assessing the quality of training of students in higher education institutions. The authors present the results of a study of teachers’ expert opinions on the advantages and disadvantages of using tests in comparison with traditional forms and methods of monitoring the achievement of a given level of competence development by students.

Keywords: the system of assurance of the quality of education at a higher educational institution, the quality of training of students, test, reliability, special disciplines



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