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The role of educational institutions in the development of society

Ahmed S.K Razzak Yunus
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UDC 316.4-042.3:378
DOI 10.20339/AM.05-24.094


Ahmed S.K Razzak Yunus,

2nd year postgraduate student, specialty “Social Structure, Social Institutions and Processes”

Southern Federal University, Rostov-na-Dony city



The quality of educational institutions has become a key focus of global debates because of its great importance for societal development and progress. In many countries, educational institutions continue to face a number of challenges affecting their quality - lack of funding, poor infrastructure, modernizing educational programs and ensuring teacher competence. All these problems hinder the provision of high-quality education and limit access to equal educational opportunities that contribute to the development of society.

Through a descriptive approach based on analytical reports, periodicals and books, it was hypothesized that quality is a common criterion and plays an effective role in the development of all educational institutions and in the training of qualified personnel for labor markets. A framework has been proposed that highlights the main aspects that any educational institution should pay close attention to in order to identify and address deficiencies in the overall quality system within the educational institution.

The researcher proposed a number of recommendations to improve the performance of educational institutions and also to develop a comprehensive quality strategy by identifying overall quality objectives and clear policies and procedures needed to achieve it.

The importance of continuous evaluation of the plan to ensure its effective implementation is emphasized.

Keywords: educational institutions, quality of education, quality criteria, society



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