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To the question of socialization of the person as a strategic goal of the system of general and vocational education

V.P. Sradzhev, O.O. Borozdina
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Victor P. Sradzhev*, Dr. of Art criticism, Professor at Belgorod State Institute of Arts and Culture, e-mail:

Olga O. Borozdina, Cand. Sci. (Pedagogy), Docent, Associate Professor at Belgorod State Institute of Arts and Culture, e-mail:  


Future of Russia depends on the reform of education. Therefore, there is an active search for ways to solve this fateful task. The most important condition for the success of this process is the choice of a conceptual framework capable of becoming the organizing and guiding force of the reform. Fragmented in parts, education must be assembled into a single system capable of adequately fulfilling the social order of society.

The theory of functional systems, developed by Academician P.K. Anokhin, can act as a methodological basis for the reform process. The core of his theory is to obtain a result through the interaction of its components. This initiates the need to determine the desired result, which at the initial stage acts as a goal. The goal-result serves as the unifying mechanism that turns disparate components into a functional system.

In our time, the world is changing so rapidly that the education of a new person becomes the most important strategic task of society and the state. Therefore, the result of the activity of education, as a functional system, is the socialization of the individual. This concept is widely used in the literature. But in this case, it is of an expansive nature, since along with the education of the worldview basis of a person, it also includes professional training suitable for achieving a decent standard of living in society.

The most important conditions for reforming education in Russia are: 1) a rigorous scientific approach to creating an education model built on an adequate conceptual basis; 2) smart, responsible, professional political will of the state, which manifests itself not in the form of formally voiced catchy slogans — “education needs to be reformed”, but in the creation of a special management mechanism that is functionally capable of organizing large-scale scientific research to solve the problems of reforming education in the country.

Keywords: education system, education reform, methodological base of the reform system, personality socialization.



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