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Graduates’ employment as an aspect of the university’s activities

Y.N. Ebzeeva, N.M. Dugalich
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Yulia N. Ebzeeva, Candidate of Philology, Head of Foreign Languages Department, Faculty of Philology, First Vice Rector — Vice Rector for Education at Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia; ORCID ID: 0000-0002-0043-7590, SPIN-код: 3316-4356, AuthorID RSCI: 486267, Scopus ID: 57194398624; e-mail:

Natalia M. Dugalich, Candidate of Philology, Head of Foreign Languages Department, Institute of Medicine at Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia; ORCID ID: 0000-0003-1863-2754,

SPIN-код: 2458-7744, AuthorID RSCI: 613580, Scopus ID: 57194526936;



The employment of graduates is an important direction in the work of the university management, which is caused by the need to preserve the theoretical knowledge, practical skills and immersion in the professional content of the graduate that were obtained during the period of his or her study and internship. This is possible in conditions of constant cooperation between the employer and the institution of higher education. The subject of the study is the activities of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, aimed at assisting in the employment of students, including the introduction of new work formats. The research method was a case study, the analysis of the results of which made it possible to present some recommendations that, in our opinion, will help orient universities at the very beginning of organizational work in this direction. The relevance of theoretical understanding of the practical experience of RUDN University is confirmed by the presence of scientific papers on the peculiarities of the employment of university graduates and the role of universities in this social phenomenon. Employment activities include such aspects as the creation and development of career centers at universities, informing and career counseling of students in such centers; promotion of students and graduates’ employment; employment monitoring; cooperation with partner companies. The study showed that the most important stages of successful activity are the creation of career centers in a particular university, the selection of target groups of students (Russian, international, disabled, handicapped), the appeal to modern forms of employment events (digital career environment, new online recruiting platforms; chatbot in social networks, online interview).

Keywords: university, graduates’ employment, career center, career counseling, monitoring, work experience, state program, case study, RUDN University.


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