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Some principles of improving the Quality of educational activities in Universities: Fragments of the Quality Philosophy E. Deming

A.Yu. Sklyarevsky
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UDC 378:005.1 


Anton Yu. Sklyarevsky, Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor of the Department of Jurisprudence at Russian University of Cooperation, e-mail:


Some principles of improving the quality of the world-famous American scientist E. Deming, such as refusal of mass quality control, continuous improvement of each process and system as a whole, termination of procurement practice at the cheapest price, the destruction of barriers between divisions, elimination of arbitrarily established Tasks. The author’s interpretation of these principles is given in relation to educational activities in universities in order to improve the quality of higher education in Russia.

Key words: quality philosophy, E. Deming, Deming principles, press approach, system, barriers, norms, educational activities.



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