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Creation of the Project of the digital educational platform “My Format” for the educational environment in the Orenburg Region

В.В. Пахарь, Е.И Пахарь, В.А. Пахарь
80,00 Р

UDC 373-042.4:004


V.V. Pachar is Deputy Director of the School for Research Activities, e-mail:; E.I. Pachar is Director of the School, e-mail:; and V.A. Pachar is Teacher, e-mail: All from Municipal educational budget school “Suzanovsk medium educational school” in village Suzanovo, Novosergievsk district of Orenburg region


The purpose of the article is to substantiate the creation of the project of the digital educational platform “My format” on the territory of the Orenburg region. Currently, there is no such digital platform in the region, which leads to gaps in the interaction of participants in the educational process. The main idea of the project is to describe a digital platform created for students of schools, teachers, administration of educational institutions, parents of students, universities, colleges and NGOs in the Orenburg region.

A digital educational platform should create an information space that will unite participants in the learning process. Each of the interested parties, thanks to the platform, can satisfy their needs. For example, students will have the opportunity of remote education, teachers will have access to methodological materials and information, school administration (representatives of employers, universities, etc.) the ability to carry out testing to control the level of knowledge of students.

The authors of the article, in order to implement the proposed idea, created a model of the functioning of the “My Format” platform, identified the advantages and opportunities from its use by interested parties. During the work, possible risks (barriers) were identified, a roadmap (milestones) was prepared, and the main indicators for evaluating the effectiveness of the project were identified. At the end of the article, the relevant conclusions are made, summarizing the results of the study.

Key words: digital educational environment, digitalization of education, project, project activity, stakeholders, digital platform, risks, barriers, stages (milestones) of the project, the model of the project functioning.



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