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Stages of professional socialization of foreign students in educational medium of regional university

I.A. Solovtsova, N.A. Vanyushina
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UDC 378:316.6


I.A. Solovtsova is Dr. Sci. (Pedagogy), Prof. at Volgograd State Social and Pedagogical University e-mail:; and N.A. Vanyushina is Cand. Sci. (Philology), Ass. Prof. at Pushkin State Russian Language Institute e-mail:


Examined is specifics of foreign students’ professional socialization during studying at a regional university. The methodological basis of the research is the theory of dialogue of cultures by M.M. Bakhtin – V.S. Bibler, which allows us to consider the foreign students professional socialization as a component of the broader process of inculturation. The authors identified and characterized three stages of foreign students’ professional socialization. The content of the adaptation stage is the assimilation by students the norms, rules, activity methods characteristic of the socio-cultural environment of the region and for a particular regional university, acquaintance with the values and norms of the future profession. At the stage of individualization, the formation of future specialist professional position begins. The stage of integration is characterized by the initial inclusion of a foreign student in professional activities and in the professional environment. The problems and contradictions characteristic of each stage are revealed, the pedagogically expedient overcoming of which is a necessary condition for the success of foreign students’ professional socialization. The specificity of foreign students’ professional socialization in the educational medium of a regional university is revealed through the features of the pedagogical means used at each stage, such as pedagogical support, reflexive, interactive and projective teaching methods, the inclusion of a student in the professional community of the region.

Key words: professional socialization, dialogue of cultures, foreign student, adaptation, individualization, integration.



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