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Evaluation of educational product by students as criterion of real Image of University

N.R. Khachaturyan
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UDC 378-044.3:658.9                  


N.R. Khachaturyan is Cand.Sci. (Economy), Ass. Prof. at Rostov State University of Economics (RINH) e-mail:


Analyzed are behavior of applicants before and after entering the university, as well as forms of image of the university based on real perception in the context of the educational process. Modern universities are focused on attracting as many applicants as possible, since this has become a criterion for evaluating universities against the background of competitors. The positioning and promotion of the university is based on the rather ephemeral concept of “image”. The image at the stage of admission is reinforced by the constants set by the university, which after the applicant's admission become phantom and have no direct relation to the educational process, the prestige of the university, or the prospective employment in the labor market. The research process was provided by sending a personal questionnaire, compiled in Google, to the contacts of groups of students and teachers of the Rostov State University of Economics (Rostov-on-Don). The final conclusions are based on the generalization of the participants ' responses, their collective discussion, and the development of an algorithm for structural analysis of the real and virtual advantages of the university that affect the formation of a favorable image of the university in the minds of its audience.

Key words: student youth, triptych of the target audience of the university, evaluation of the educational product, real and virtual image of the university.


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