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On the content of education: in search of new conceptualities

Yu.V. Karyakin
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Yu.V. Karyakin is PhD (Engineering), ex leading expert at Tomsk Polytechnic University e-mail:


Presented is a brief review of modern publications on the topic of education in terms of the interpretation of the concept of its content, that reveals a motley picture of both the interpretation of the term itself and the practice-oriented options for its filling. This study realizes the intention to predict the nearest development of the concept of education on the basis of an ontological-epistemological description of the concept of “content of education”, formed on the basis of a conjugate consideration of two ways of describing the world — the traditional empirical and the progressive theoretical. The text contains a comparative characteristic of the traditional pedagogical presentation of the content of education and its presentation in the paradigm of an innovative ontogenetic approach. The authors of the ontogenetic approach substantiate the need for the development of the educational process in general education and higher education on different conceptual content of the educational content. In the first case, it is a traditional pedagogical conceptuality, and in the second, an innovative ontogenetic one. The idea of evolutionary conjugation of two educational processes in accordance with age restrictions and students’ capabilities is expressed. Age continuity of education is realized by the distribution of learning tasks. The task of a general education school is to lead students to operate with concepts, the task of a higher school is to prepare students for the knowledge of a constantly changing world.

Key words: higher school, secondary school, pedagogical paradigm, ontogenetic paradigm, content of education, conjugation of educational processes, conceptuality, development of education.



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