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Problems and perspectives of digitalization of education in Kyrgyzstan

A.K. Narkoziev
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UDC 37(575.2)-042:004


A.K. Narkoziev is Dr.Sci. (Pedagogy), prof. at International University of Kirgiz Republic e-mail:


Researched is the problem of digitalization of education in the Republic of Kirgizstan. In Kirgizstan, despite the fact that the world has already been tied to digital technologies for a long time, the year of 2019 was declared the Year of Regional Development and digitalization of the country. However, at the same time, transition to a digital environment is noted as not fast enough. The article provides an assessment for current state and development trends of the modern higher education system, identifies problems of transition of universities in Kyrgyzstan towards digital educational environment. The purpose of this article is to analyze prospects of development and prospects in implementation of digital educational technologies, as well as to define differences between distance learning and online learning. Research in the problem is based on experience of organizing educational process and assessing its quality in various national systems of higher education, that was accumulated in International university of Kirgiz Republic.

Key words: Internet, informatization, digitalization, distant technologies, distant training, online education, pedagogical process.



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