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On the problem of intensification of introduction of informational communicative technologies into educational process at regional universities

A.G. Bezpalova, T.V. Akulich
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UDC 378(1-32):005.6:004       


A.G. Bezpalova is Cand.Sci. (Economy), doc. at Rostov State University of Economics e-mail:; and T.V. Akulich is Cand.Sci. (History), doc. at Don State Technical University e-mail:


Revealed is the essence of the problem of introducing information and communication technologies in educational process at regional universities against the background of a new wave of transformation of Russian education. The article highlights shortcomings of educational process at higher education institutions, incl. formalization of approaches to introduction of informational and communicative technologies at regional universities in the absence of clear technical and material base. Based on an empirical study of two regional universities, specifics of using informational and communicative technologies are revealed. The purpose of the research is to develop the strategy of the triad “education — practice — business”, that involves intensification of efforts to find approaches to attracting potential employers to development of informational and communicative technology base of regional universities. Conclusion is made that currently it is important to involve business representatives into creation of modern informational and communicative environment of universities that promotes integration of curricula in real business situations, in construct of modern markets, as well as in forming students’ flexibility in learning process.

Key words: information and communication technologies, intensification of efforts, educational process, business integration.



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