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Ideal type of personality as system formative factor of national state ideosystem

A.P. Pogorely
80,00 Р

UDC 13-054.5:321


A.P. Pogorely is Cand.Sci. (Philosophy), Ass. Prof., Head of sub-faculty at Order Zhukov Military University of Radio-Electronic Systems, Cherepovets city e-mail:


Discussed is ideology as ideo-system, in what ideal personality type is system-forming factor. Examples of educational systems in Sparta (Agoge) and Athens (Paideia) confirm this idea. Russian history presents the phenomenon of “Domostroi” as a similar example. Closer confirmation of this phenomenon is “Moral code of the Builder of communism”. Ideal personality type formed in modern Russia is inferior to the Soviet one in objective characteristics. New amendments to the Constitution of the RF in the future should lead to the fact, that the country should create a system of education and upbringing that can form an ideal personality type, corresponding to spiritual and moral code of our people.

Key words: ideology, ideo-system, ideological and moral code, ideal personality type, education and upbringing system, Domostroi, Moral code of the Builder of communism.



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