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Features of international cooperation on border security

S.P. Mosov, S.M. Saliy
80,00 Р

UDC 327+342.1   


S.P. Mosov is Dr.Sci. (Military), prof., Head specialist at National center for control and testing of space assets, Kiev, Ukraine; and S.M. Saliy is Cand.Sci. (Military), prof., Head of administration at Border Academy of National security committee, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan e-mail:


Systematized are features of international cooperation of states in the interests of ensuring border security in the context of globalizing world processes, that causes an increase in number of different levels of tasks and problems that arise in the process of forming relations between states on the international platform. The article is focused on feasibility and international experience of integrated management of activities of state bodies at borders within the framework of international cooperation. Analyzed are features of European management model that has prospects for its implementation in a number of European countries outside the European Union, as well as in Central Asia, incl. the Republic of Kazakhstan. Attention is focused on incorrect terminological use of such phrases, as “integrated border management”, “integrated border management”, or “coordinated border management”, that does not correspond to the semantic essence. The correct phrase was introduced, i.e. “integrated management of activities of state bodies at the borders”. The article analyzes features of international cooperation models, based on examples of the CIS member countries and member countries of the Eurasian economic community, African countries and Scandinavian countries in the issues of integrated management of activities of state bodies at borders. Prospects for further researches are determined.

Key words: border security, international cooperation, integrated management, state border, interaction, information exchange, model, international coordination.


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