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Actual problems of ethnicity in works of modern North American and West European scientists of primordialist direction

M.T. Tologonova
80,00 Р

UDC 39(02+045)-042.1   


M.T. Tologonova is PhD student at Institute of Philosophy, Law and Social Political Studies n.a. A. Altmyshbaev of NAS of Kyrgyz Republic e-mail:


Presented is the analysis of works of Western authors, who stick to the primordialist concept of ethnicity. Here is given a brief review of modern Western scientific literature on the study of the phenomenon of ethnicity. Scientific development of the primordialist nature of modern American and British ethnologists, historians, ethno-politologists, ethno-psychologists, and ethno-sociologists is under spotlight. In the concept of ethnicity by K. Deutsch, various stages of ethnicization and mechanisms of ethnicity formation are considered. The essence of two national formats ethnicity and citizenship, their correlation based on the works of E. Smith is shown. Connor’s contribution to psychological interpretation of ethnicity is defined. The article provides arguments for the concept of ethnicity by G. Hutink, who criticizes the constructivist approach to formation of ethnicity.

Key words: ethnos, nation, ethnicity, ethnization, ethnic community, ethnic group, primordialism, constructivism, instrumentalism.


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