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Breaking of norms of law and morality in law enforcement sphere

D.A. Lopatin
80,00 Р

UDC 340-057.9  


D.A. Lopatin is Senior lecturer at East Siberian Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation e-mail:


Examined are porosities of contact of concepts “morality” and “law” in service activities of employees and service persons of law enforcement organizations. Ambiguity of these terms in professional activity gives rise to reasoning over superiority and importance of one over the other in various situations. This problem is considered by the author on one of the most illustrative examples of choice of moral or legal priorities, encountered in practice in the law enforcement field. Conclusions are drawn on examples of professions of employee of internal affairs bodies, prosecutors, judges, lawyers, etc. The analysis is made on such interconnecting categories as consciousness, professional duty, moral culture, moral and psychological preparedness, legal awareness, patriotism, professional duty, traditions, honor, etc. The author’s opinion presupposes the value of each of legal and moral categories, their inalienability from each other and of paramount importance for the individual, carrying the state function of protecting interests of citizens.

Key words: law, morality, law enforcement, morality, consciousness, culture, professionalism, personal dignity.


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