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Study of dynamics of value systems of youth’s leaders under pedagogical conditions of value-motivational development

A.A. Oschtschepkov, V.V. Friauf
80,00 Р

UDC 159.947+378     


A.A. Oschepkov is Cand.Sci, Ass. prof. e-mail: and V.V. Friauf is Ph. student e-mail: at Dimitrovgrad Engineering-technological Institute — branch of NRNU “Moscow Engineering-Physical Institute”


Presented is study in the problem of leadership in youth environment, in frames of which theoretical analysis of scientific works was conducted. The analysis showed, that the most actual in the present time is the value approach to leadership development for verification of which is experimental study is conducted. Results of the experiment showed dynamics of changes in values systems of both girls and boys during the period of conducting psycho-pedagogical program of values development. The analysis of experimental study results showed, that values orientations system of girls with high level of leader’s ability is oriented to social interaction, and values orientations system of boys with high level of leader’s ability is oriented to inner-group interests.

Key words: values system, pedagogical conditions, youth, leadership, value-motivational development.



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