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Science about religion for higher schools. New teaching book

A.B. Izyumsky

Арефьев, А.Л. История и теория религии в западной социологии: учебное пособие для вузов / А.Л. Арефьев, А.М. Баженов; под ред. Г.В. Осипова. Москва: Издательство Юрайт, 2020. 290 с. — (Высшее образование).

ISBN 978-5-534-12812-3.

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УДК 2-1(075)              

A.B. Izyumsky is Cand.Sci. (History), doc. at GBU DPO RO RIPK and PPRO, Rostov-on-Don City e-mail:


Presented is critical analysis of new teaching book for higher schools “Science about religion in Western sociology” by A.L. Arefiev and A.M. Bazhenov, published in present year by publishing house “Uraite”. The author of the article pointes out pluses of the named research, as well as points its shortcomings. Conclusion is made about, to what circle of readers might be useful the book under review.

Key words: theology, sociology of religion, teaching book.