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Pro-active budgeting: priorities and problems at the meso-economic level

L.M. Nizova, E.A. Andreeva
80,00 Р

UDC 336(470+571-32)                       


L.M. Nizova is Dr.Sci. (Economy), prof.; and E.A. Andreeva is Master student at Volga State University of Technology e-mail:


Presented is the author’s study devoted to the problem of spending budget funds at the regional level, based on the project of Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation “Budget for Citizens”. Subject of the research is the initiative budgeting system in the Republic of Mari El. The aim of the study is to identify priorities and problems in development of pro-active budgeting at regional level. Achievement of this goal was facilitated by a comparison of conflicting opinions of domestic and foreign researchers on issues of proactive budgeting; systematization of foreign technologies on participatory budgeting practices, identification of results of implementation of projects to support local initiatives in subject of the Russian Federation, conducting a sociological study of population and representatives of administrations of municipalities of the Republic of Mari El. To solve identified problems, measures are proposed for development of pro-active budgeting on regional scale, the main of what are creation of a regional project center, research support of the process of development and regulation of initiative budgeting practices, creation of a system of motivation for participation of population in such, development of inter-departmental interaction of interested executive bodies, representatives of administrations of urban districts, urban and rural settlements, government of the Republic of Mari El.

Key words: initiative (participatory) budgeting, budget policy, municipal formation, local initiatives, subsidies, citizens.


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