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Analysis of modern Western constructivist and instrumentalist concepts of ethnicity

M.T. Tologonova
80,00 ₽

UDC 39"312"(1-15)   


M.T. Tologonova is post-graduate student at Institute of Philosophy, Law and Social and Political Studies n.a. A. Altmyshbaev of NAN of Kyrgyz Republic e-mail:


Analyzed are Western concepts of ethnicity of instrumentalist and constructivist nature. The essence of the constructivist approach is assessed, when considering the phenomenon of ethnicity. In the article the concept of B. Anderson about “imaginary essence of the nation” is considered and a number of his theses are criticized. Influence of constructivism on post-Soviet studies of ethnicity is shown. Here constructivist views of M. Shadson are analyzed. Also basic provisions of instrumentalist approach to study of ethnicity, based on an analysis of works of F. Riggs, TR Gurr and V.L. Hasley, are investigated. The author shows mechanisms, forms and means, instrumentalizing the phenomenon of ethnicity according to foregoing scientists.

Key words: ethnos, ethnicity, instrumentalism, constructivism, manipulation, identity, symbols, language.



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