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Opportunities and complications in entrepreneurial activity in meaning of students of industrial university (example of Omsk State transport University)

A.V. Lukash
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UDC [308+334]:37.09 

A.V. Lukash is Cand.Sci. (Philosophy), doc. at Omsk State Transport University е-mail:


Shown is, that youth entrepreneurship is characterized by a complex of problems and difficulties, faced by graduates of modern universities, among which are not only inexperience, fear and low financial capabilities. At the same time, young people have the greatest potential for implementation in entrepreneurial activity. Such qualities, as creativity, mobility, speed in decision-making, and entrepreneurship should ensure attention of the state to young people as potential business entities. As a result of a sociological study on the basis of a branch university the career attitudes of students and their attitude to entrepreneurship in the context of subjective perception of difficulties and opportunities of the latter were revealed.

Key words: youth, entrepreneurship, difficulties, opportunities, career goals.


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