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“Coat of arms, purpentine and power”: image of history in perception of medical university students

E.V. Agarin, T.M. Khusyainov
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E.V. Agarin is Cand.Sci. (History), senior lecturer at Volga Research Medical University e-mail:; and T.M. Khusyainov is senior lecturer at National Research University “Higher School of Economics” e-mail:


Presented are results of sociological study, devoted to perception of Russian history by first-year students of Volga Research Medical University (PRMU). By using questionnaire, the authors analyze knowledge level of students, some sources of formation of their perception of the past, respondents’ attitude towards personalities and events of national history. The authors’ conclusion is made that despite of basic knowledge respondents have, their historical representations seem to be fragmentary, controversial and politicized.

Key words: events of national history, historical memory, historical representations, image of the past, personalities of national history, events of national history.


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