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Accelerated graduation from higher schools: how it was hundred years ago

V.V. Fortunatov
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V.V. Fortunatov is Dr.Sci. (History), prof., head of sub-faculty at Alexander II Petersburg State Transport University e-mail:


Presented is the analysis of organization, content and results of accelerated training of specialists in the years of 1920–1921 in higher education institutions in Moscow, Petrograd, and other cities in the territory, controlled by the Soviet authorities. The Bolsheviks, the Council of People’s Commissars of the Russian Federation under conditions of the Civil War and foreign military intervention already in 1918–1919 successfully mobilized the main categories of old professionals for use in parts, controlled by the Red Army, in industry, transport, communications, cultural institutions. Not only scientists, officers, engineers, doctors, teachers, but also undergraduate students were involved in such various functions. The decree of the RSFSR of March 24, 1920, paid special attention to accelerated training of engineering personnel, who had to play a key role in the restoration of national economy. Organization of accelerated production of engineers from dozens of technical universities in 1920–1921 gave hundreds of young professionals and represents valuable historical experience of Russian higher school.

Key words: Civil War, specialists, accelerated graduation, militarization of universities, food rations, engineers, technical universities, labor duty.



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