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Analysis of functions of social institutions, based on text information

D.V. Shelokov
80,00 Р

UDC 316.33:002         


D.V. Shelokov is Cand.Sci. (Sociology), doc. at City University of Management, Moscow e-mail:


Researched are multi-aspect modern dynamic processes of social development. This is expressed in mutual influence of many elements of social reality on each other. One of them is the text as a result of purposeful fixation of information, that is significant for a particular society. As a product of activities of social institutions, the text allows to assess the degree of implementation of main functions of social entities. This is possible because of its dual nature. On the one hand, the text is created by an authorized group of individuals to regulate behavior of members of society. On the other hand, the text regulates behavior not only of individuals and various associations, but also of creators themselves due to supra-individual nature of origin. One of forms of influence are norms, rules and laws, content of which is fixed through formal procedures. By fixing meaningful values and ways of the most acceptable interaction, that contribute to unification of society members, such forms allow regulate social processes, that develop within specific social system in real time. This contributes to qualitative performance of functions of social institutions. Reflected in official ideology, this has effect of increasing stability of corresponding elements of social reality.

Key words: text, social institutions, functions, analysis, significant problems, critical discourse analysis, interpretations, inter-discursivity, discursive practices, interdisciplinary approach.



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