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Irrationality thinking: the role of astro-prognosis in life of modern students

R.G. Ardashev
80,00 Р

UDC 159.92


R.G. Ardashev is Cand.Sci. (Jurisprudence), lecturer at Irkutsk State University, head of sub-division of department of MVD in Buryat Republic e-mail:


Examined is the role and place of the irrational thinking of modern students, and also showed is importance of astro-forecasts and horoscopes in the lives of modern young people. The results of the study of irrationality of thinking of consciousness of students of Irkutsk State University and Buryat State University are presented on the example of the significance of astro-prognosis in their lives.

Key words: astrological forecast, astrology, horoscope, irrationality of thinking, irrationality of consciousness, youth, students.



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