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Realization of interdisciplinary approach in framework of lecturing theory of systems and system analysis to students of informational specialties

L.A. Sazanova
80,00 Р

UDC 519.7:37.09     


L.A. Sazanova is Cand. Sci. (Physics & Mathematics), doc. at Ural State Economical University

Discussed are features of teaching the discipline “System theory and system analysis”. Its relations with related scientific fields and relevant academic disciplines in the context of interdisciplinary approach are identified. The indicated approach seems to be useful for generalizing knowledge in the field of system theory, as well as for solving applied problems. A review is made of both topics, traditional for this discipline and recommended for its in-depth study. Presented list is the result of generalization of pedagogical experience of the author of the article. Acquaintance with the decision tree methodology, consideration of competition models within the framework of the game approach, the study of dynamic processes, using differential and difference equations, construction of mental maps allow to expand and deepen system concepts, models and methods of bachelors and masters of informational specialties. Understanding the main principles of systems theory and ability to put into practice methods of system analysis promotes more holistic perception by students of studied disciplines, successful conduct of research work, and also helps to qualitatively analyze the problem, formulate the problem and justify choice of tools, used during preparation of bachelor’s theses and master’s theses.

Key words: systems theory, systems analysis, mathematical model, interdisciplinarity, systems approach, teaching, informational specialties.


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