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China-Russian trade relations and the “New silk road”

Zhiling Zhou
80,00 ₽

UDC 327            


Ziling Zhou is master student at St. Petersburg State Economic University (SPbGEU) e-mail:


Analysed is the problem of economic interaction states through participation in international trade projects creating desides commercial benefit, strong social effect and stimules to foreign economic operations, what encourages investment climate of the state and strengthens sustainability of it’s economic development. Interaction between Russia and China as Eurasian flagmans has a significant influence on trade flows within the continent boundaries and needs to be explored from economic and geopolitical perspective. This article is devoted to macroeconomic domain of Russian-Chinese relations and analyzes the “New silk road” project, that resembles modern solution for trade transport between Eurasian countries. Findings reveal patterns and characteristics of economic relations between Russia and China, as well as possible development scenarios for similar international trade projects.

Keywords: international economic relations, Russian-Chinese trade, New silk road.



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