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Methodological basis of development of the concept of management of development of business activity on transport

T.N. Kosheleva, E.V. Grozovskaya, D.S. Brazevitch
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T.N. Kosheleva is Dr.Sci. (Economy), doc., head of sub-faculty at St.-Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation, and prof. at St.-Petersburg University of Technology Management and Economics; E.V. Grozovskaya is Cand.Sci. (Economy), doc. at St.-Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation, doc. at St.-Petersburg University of Management and Economics Technologies; and D.S. Brazevich is Cand.Sci. (Sociology) at St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation e-mail:



Substantiated is the need for formation of the concept in the field of management of business development in transport, that should be aimed, incl. expansion of use of public-private partnership in the field of strategic development in formation of transport complexes. In the process of formation of the concept, necessity of elaboration of development of strategy of management of agglomeration of infrastructure interaction of business structures of transport complex is proved. Defined are goals, objectives, stages, participants, components, directions and forms of interaction, organizational mechanisms of interaction of business structures in transport sector. Necessity of forming a model of creating long-term value of information services for participants of interaction of multifunctional transport cluster on digital platform is being substantiated.

Keywords: business activity, transport infrastructure, business structures, interaction of business structures, transport complex, management of interaction of business structures, multifunctional transport cluster.



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