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Effective approach to management of educational organizations under modern socioeconomic conditions

A.V. Donskov, A.I. Klenin
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A.V. Donskov is senior lecturer e-mail: ; and A.I. Klenin is Cand.Sci. (Economy), head of educational center e-mail: at Bauman Moscow State Technical University


Analyzed is the phenomena of education as important part of social sphere of the state, the problem of which, despite its high social importance, necessary is to overcome because of the lack of funding for such organizations not only through expansion of state support, but also through increase of extra-budgetary funds from paid educational activities. This circumstance determines the need to develop modern approaches to management of educational organizations. The absence of single innovative approach to management of educational organizations to-date necessitates of development of such approach or use of combination of individual elements by several existing approaches. The process, marketing and classical approaches to management are described in detail, and advantages and disadvantages of such approaches are highlighted. It has been concluded and justified that separate elements of different approaches should be used in combination. By the way of example, a combination of elements of the above-described approaches is provided.

Keywords: approaches to management, educational organizations, combination, extra-budgetary activity, education.




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