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State policy of Russia in preservation of Arctic territories

M.Yu. Korshakova
80,00 Р

UDC 316:351     


M.Yu. Korshakova is director of scientific research Techno-park at Northern (Arctic) Federal University n.a. M.V. Lomonosov e-mail:


Analyzed is state policy of Russia in preservation of Arctic territories. For several years the Russian Federation was characterized as a country with its own resources and in accordance with this wishing to restore its influence in international affairs. To date, this can be achieved not only by military means, but also by diplomatic measures. The Kremlin adheres to the same tactics. The goal in this case is to expand influence in the Arctic region. This article describes the program of regulation of state policy of Russia in the Arctic and its further development prospects. The strategy for development of the Arctic zones is for Russia, first of all, an economic task. The Arctic regions can not only boost Russian economy, but also develop infrastructure and become independently interesting for international trade. Also considered is the point of view of foreign researchers on the methods of influence of Russia in the Arctic. In their opinion, Russia seeks to create favorable conditions for intensifying its actions by using various diplomatic measures, but at the same time the Arctic region itself is primarily the basis for the country’s future economic development due to presence of unique resources there.

Keywords: Arctic, regions, territory, development, state policy.