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Statistical indicators of external factors of socialization of the youth with disabilities in Russia

L.S. Detochenko
80,00 Р

UDC 316:311::376:378  


L.S Detochenko is Cand.Sci. (Philosophy), doc., head of sub-faculty at Southern Federal University e-mail:


Presented is characteristic of external factors of socialization of young people with disabilities (family, educational institutions, reference groups, labor market). Choice of the object of study, i.e. young people, allows the authors to show both previously accumulated social experience and educational and professional strategies that would determine the whole life path of person in the future. On the basis of secondary analysis of statistical data, conclusions are drawn about existing contradictions between normative and real socialization of the youth with disabilities, problems and prospects of socialization of this population group. Analysis of the system of secondary agents of socialization suggests deficit of socialization due because of limited range of its institutions. The article was prepared in accordance with internal grant of YuFU, #VnGr-07/2017-27.

Key words: socialization, socialization trajectory, statistic of disabled people, educational trajectories of disabled people, agents of socialization.



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